5 books for bringing analytics into the UX process

Dashboard with website performance analytics
Credit: Luke Chesser

Learn how and why analytics data can be used to inform design choices — from getting a better picture of how customers are engaging with your product and finding the right analytics to aid UX research.

1. Customer Analytics For Dummies (Jeff Sauro)
If you need a less technical reference for getting started with analytics, this book is the perfect place to start. It goes through overviews on collecting, measuring and interpreting customer data.

2. Practical Web Analytics for User Experience (Michael Beasley)
Benefits and limitations of on using web analytics in user experience design work.

3. Search Analytics for Your Site (Louis Rosenfeld)
Practical tips on ways to listen to and understand customer needs — and improve your content, navigation and search performance to meet those needs.

4. Lean Analytics (Alistair Croll, Benjamin Yoskovitz)
This book dives into analytics in the context of building & developing a startup and is packed with practical case studies and principles.

5. Researching UX Analytics (Luke Hay)
A practical introduction covering why you need to gather analytics data for your UX projects, getting set up with analytics tools and more.

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