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Tips on improving your early work experience

1. Continue building a portfolio of work

  • Your role in the project
  • Problem statement
  • Customers → Who was the…

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Tips on improving your conference experience

Problem 1: Content level mismatch

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You seem…

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Meet Ben Stokes, ice cream/cookie dough vendor and indie hacker launching tiny projects on the internet

** ART <3 CODE **Projects and stories from the intersection of art, code and everything in-between.`````````````````````Name: Ben Stokes
Role: CTO fintech company, indie hacker
Location: Bristol, England
Likes: Running, hiking, exploring VR, playing video games
Website | Twitter

Without using your job title, what do you do?

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We have several important announcements to make today

1. Updated KPIs for performance evaluation

Office chairs will be replaced with toilets so employees have more time to add value to…

Credit: Miro

Ways to simplify your workflow

1. Note Taking Spreadsheet (Google Sheets)

2. Free User Research Template (AirTable)

3. Design Workflow Templates (Miro)

4. Recordings → Tagged Video Clips (Dovetail)

5. New Ways to Communicate Insights (Dscout)

6. Generate Meeting Transcriptions (

7. Usability Testing Notes Template (Notion)

8. Qual Data Analysis (MAXQDA)

9. Collaborative UX research database (

10. Extensible Note-taking (Obsidian)

11. 14 UXR Research Templates (Figma)

12. Participant Debrief Board (Figma)

From the founder of Studio D Radiodurans

  1. Evolution of understanding: hypothesis →data →information →knowledge →insight →wisdom
  • Hypothesis: asking question based on existing frames/assumptions
  • Data: collecting observations, quotes, ideas, photos/videos
  • Information: giving data structure, synthesis where key points are highlighted
  • Knowledge: finding patterns and relationships between parts of info
  • Insight: reorganize the data in a way to reveal new perspectives, new way of seeing something
  • Wisdom: insights put into a broader external…

Joanna Ngai

UX Designer at Microsoft, illustrator, green tea drinker | UX for Beginners

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