• Peter D. Kaizer

    Peter D. Kaizer

    I am a designer & developer with a passion for user focused digital products that are highly functional and beautifully designed.

  • s


  • Idan Gal

    Idan Gal

    A solid UX/UI designer with a great taste, doing daily meditation, eating honest food and more…

  • Anton


    I observe the world around me, note imperfections, and strive to fix them. Or at least I try. The original author of "The Rules," started in 2010 in Russia.

  • Hunter Becton

    Hunter Becton

    Marketing at FullStory and design tutorials at Skillthrive.

  • Muhammad Zaiyadi

    Muhammad Zaiyadi

  • Anna Marrero

    Anna Marrero

  • Lil Sag

    Lil Sag

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