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  • Maksim Surguy

    Maksim Surguy

    I'm Maks, Technology Innovation grad student at @UW, software engineer, maker, entrepreneur.

  • Xavier Amatriain

    Xavier Amatriain

    Cofounder/CTO at Curai (AI for healthcare). Former Quora VP, Netflix Director. Software, Machine Learning, Data, Recsys... From Barcelona, in the Valley

  • Josh Lovejoy

    Josh Lovejoy

    Designing for the expression of values. Privacy & Data Protection Office @Google. paradoxtheory.com

  • John Saito

    John Saito

    Design @latticehq. Always chasing rainbows.

  • Cennydd Bowles

    Cennydd Bowles

    Design, ethics, futures · Author of Future Ethics.

  • Keith Rabois

    Keith Rabois

    entrepreneur, investor, contrarian

  • Scott Belsky

    Scott Belsky

    founder @Behance, cpo @Adobe, early stage investor and product obsessive; author of Making Ideas Happen and The Messy Middle. http://scottbelsky.com

  • Alberto Cairo

    Alberto Cairo

    I teach visualization at the U. of Miami. Author of “The Truthful Art” and “The Functional Art” http://www.thefunctionalart.com

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